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What is the importance of being there.

Become a now here man

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The importance of being there


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Gepost 2016/01/01

Our philosophy is being there:

What is the importance of being there

Become a now here man

If you feel unimportant or powerless and don't have any energy or if you feel criticized and alone

There is a way to happiness

Maybe you think you are doing okay and you're trying to do your best, holding all the balls in the air, holding on to everything you think is important and are in need of your energy, but you actually are a nowhere man, failing in pleasing everybody

There is a way to happiness 

It is all about priorities and about letting go of the idea that your life is not perfect. Letting go the idea that you need to work hard, to please everybody and that this might lead to satisfaction through the happiness of others. Let it go


Being there is about being in the present, in the now and seeing

Seeing yourself and being there

Seeing everybody and everything and just being there 


If you become able to see everybody and everything in your life and in your surroundings, you might find out what your role is in the world and what is the effect of "you" and the essence of "you"

Try and notice everything that is important and appreciate it's value and the wealth it gives you

Waiting for things to get better in the future makes you a nowhere man, you need to become a now here man. You are not enjoying the moment and only have the idea that you need to accomplish something, which implies that the present is not good enough for you.


Try to understand that it is important to be a now here man, just by being there



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